Top a poll these days, and it's a majah achievement. So the Kardashians must be rubbing their manicured mitts together at scooping yet another gong for the mantelpiece. This time the sisters have been proclaimed, VERY RICH. What - didn't know they were a bit minted? Allow the Daily Beast to break down the numbers...

According to DB Kim Kardashian tops the 'highest earning reality stars list', with an annual earning of $6.5 million. Sisters Khloe and Kourtney limp in at a rather shameful 7th and 8th, with only $2.5million in annuals earnings each. Rubbo.

The Beast's list may look a bit silly at first glance, but the premise is actually quite rib tickling. The poll only measures those 'who've cashed in on fame, versus talent'.

So, 'Kim Kardashian most talentless person on telly' it is then. (On second thoughts, her sisters should be quite proud.)

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