Be my Prince Charming

Controversial soundbites burst from Russell Brand's mouth like water from a broken fire extinguisher. Only today the comedian has admitted to a bizarre new object for his rather voracious lust, saying, 'It's good there is freedom of speech. This means I can say that I find Prince Charles sexually attractive.' But although it would make a fantastical story - along the lines of John Major and Edwina Curry - Russell doesn't really fancy the next in line to the throne; he was making a saliant point about the freedom of expression prior to an upcoming appearance at an Amnesty International ball in New York.

In other Brand news, the comedy king can be forgiven for not crying into his cocoa pops after splitting from pop beauty Katy Perry. He met Mexican artist Oriela Medellin Amieiro at a yoga class recently (where else?) and the pair have chucked themselves headfirst into a passionate affair.

Oriela is not your ordinary artist: she paints nudes which she describes as, 'exploring feelings of guilt, sensuality, sexuality and repression from a woman's perspective.'In an era where gender roles and identities are blurred, my works express contradictions. They portray strong and powerful females and their inner turmoil, as well as gentle and sensitive males.'

Gentle and sensitive. Russell - this one could take time....

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