BBC1 chat battle heats up

'Friday Night With Jonathan Ross' is no doubt not only the biggest chat show on the Beeb but on UK goggle boxes in general. However ever since it was announced that 'Graham - we pay him shed loads so we better do something with him - Norton’s' chat show was to be upgraded from BBC2 to BBC1, a battle of the big guests has commenced.

BBC executives have agreed to form a united front by letting Norton appear on Wossy’s show this week, but according to a source in The Daily Express, things still look frisky: “There's inevitably now a lot of rivalry between the Ross and Norton camps, particularly when it comes to ratings and the guests they secure. Graham will obviously be promoting his new chat show when he appears on Jonathan's and that's not going down well with everyone."

So Norton’s camp and Wossy's have called a twuce? Is that right? Guess we’ll have to watch our TV screens to find out.

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