BBC rocked by “Plasticine-gate”

Turophiles everywhere will be celebrating the news that Nick Park and Bob Baker of Aardman Animation are working on a new short film featuring Wallace and Gromit. In an online-only video announcement Park, aka the World’s Nicest Man, has announced that Trouble At‘ Mill, “a who-doughnut mystery”, will be shown on BBC 1 in late 2008.

However, we hear the BBC is already conducting a frantic internal scapegoat-hunt following revelations that:

-- some shots where Gromit appears to “react” to Wallace were in fact staged later, after Wallace had left the set
-- Wallace’s recorded telephone voice in the programme was in fact that of a BBC employee, actor Peter Sallis
-- bread enthusiast Piella Bakewell, seen in the film’s trailer “storming out” of the Top Bun bakery, was in fact storming in for a cup of tea, a cheese sandwich and a nice sit down.

Can the Beeb ever regain its viewers’ trust?

(Image: timsnell’s Flickr stream)

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