BBC refuse to publish salaries

The other day there was talk of the BBC allowing the public to see how much it was paying its stars, making itself more accountable to the people who pay for it – namely all of us. However, top chap at the Corporation Mark Thompson has said that it won’t be happening, as it would damage them and make it harder to hire the big names that headline their flagship shows.

Auntie currently spends £54million on its top earning star turns, but no-one knows how exactly how that money is spread. However they have agreed to a compromise, which is to publish the names and the wage bands that they’re in. It will be interesting to see how wide these bands are, frankly?

‘It would be wrong and damaging and destructive to the BBC and its ability to get top stars to publish individual salaries,’ said Thompson. ‘No other broadcaster in this country provides that information. You release all this information, there is a field day for the tabloids... the danger is the price goes up.

‘The BBC is trying to find a balance between the public's right to have a sense of what we spend... versus an industry where confidentiality is the expectation.’

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