BBC lances (Frankie) Boyle

Just a few weeks after getting himself into hot water over jokes made about Down Syndrome at a live gig - which culminated in a public outcry - Frankie Boyle has garnered yet more criticism, and inevitable attention, for his anti semitic jokes. The BBC have given Boyle a public telling off, though they're hardly quick off the mark: the reprimand comes a full two years after the original joke was made.

Frankie said at the time: 'I'm quite interested in the Middle East, I'm actually studying that Israeli army martial arts. And I know 16 ways to kick a Palestinian woman in the back. It's a difficult question to understand. I've got an analogy which explains the whole thing quite well: If you imagine that Palestine is a cake - well, that cake is being punched to pieces by a very angry Jew.' The ever charming Boyle also surmised that swimming champion Rebecca Adlington must be 'very dirty' to keep her boyfriend.

If we didn't know better, we might think that Boyle was using offensive humour to keep himself in the headlines, masking the fact that he's actually (gasp), the opposite of hilarious - but that surely can't be true...

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