BB winner to sue TOWIE

Brian Belo, Big Brother winner in 2009, is set to sue the makers of The Only Way is Essex, claiming that the production company nabbed his idea, after he'd made a trailer, featuring Mark Wright, Amy Childs, and some other orange faced types that you might recognise. It sounds like he's got a lot to be angry about.

In the pilot for the Amy Childs says to the camera, ‘I have the best life ever. I had a boob job when I was 17 because I wanted to.’ Brian then chips in, boasting, ‘I’d say we have the best lifestyle of anyone in the entire country. The way we feel, it’s like screw the recession, we want to have fun. We like our kind of people, we like where we live in Essex and the way we see it in our group we are the Essex elite. Anything goes, no skirt is too short, no contacts are too blue, no tans are too orange.’ Hmmm, sound familiar?

Brian told The Sun,‘I worked on the idea for two years. I wrote the treatment, got the cast together and got a trailer made. I pitched it to production companies. I’m very proud of its success. I want people to know where it came from’

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