Batty for batter

We can completely see Gwyneth's thinking here - after extolling the virtues of macrobiotic food and intensive yoga, we all began to find the actress more than a little tiresome. So she's gone and done a complete volte face, and now claims she adores boozing, frying, vegging out, and generally being a complete slob. Just like us! Hmm, except it doesn't quite ring true.

Mrs Martin told US talk show host Conan O'Brien that she's just mad for batter, 'I do [a deep fat fryer]. And I love it. I deep fry a lot of French fries, the good style, like double fried. Fried zucchini, I make fish fingers for the kids, fried chicken. Fried food is my weakness. I don't have a sweet tooth. You could fry a cockroach in batter and basically I'd eat it.'

Gwynnie also had to partake of her obligatory spot of Brit-bashing, for all those yanks who are annoyed that she lives over here. Usually, she's mean about our teeth, though this time it was, er, cake. 'They [the Brits] have this Christmas cake, which sounds fine. Except they make it in, like, August. Seriously, you're going to eat something you made in August? No.' Yeah, we're crazy like that...

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