Batman flies into rage : Christian Bale arrested over 'mother assault'

The London premiere of The Dark Knight seems to have been overshadowed by bad things going on. Peaches Geldof needed the kiss of life the night before, and now reports of a violent spat between Christian Bale and his own mother and sister are burning up the wire.

Bale's ex circus performing mother Jenny, and computer programmer sister Sharon allegedly went to a police station yesterday to report an assault by Christian in the Dorchester Hotel. Batman badly lost his rag over something, but what, why or how noone knows. Not even the police. They didn't want to interrupt Christian in the middle of the Dark Knight premiere so politely waited until this morning before bowling in with questions. (Bale voluntarily handed himself into a Belgravia police station this morning.)

Christian is now under arrest, in custody and answering questions about the alleged assault. Whatever went on it must have been bad for his own mother to shop him! More to follow......

Update : Christian Bale has been released on bail, and his mother Jenny has finally blabbed to the The Sun. Jenny denies having called police to the scene. “There was a family situation but the police are handling it and I cannot say any more. We didn’t call the police to the scene.” (The Sun)

The familial ruckus allegedly took place in Bale's Dorchester Hotel room after the family had been for dinner. Batman is accused of getting very narked about something (still no news as to what) and having pushed his mother. Christian On Bail was grilled for 4 hours, and is due to reappear at the police station in September.

Check out Bale talking about the Dark Knight - not a Welsh vowel sound in earshot.

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