Basic footstench: Sharon Stone to botox son's feet

Living in a climate like LA, where the sun's always shining and even winter can be sweaty, it's easy for problems to fester in the foot area...you know, the type of smelly problems that would clear a packed lift in seconds.

Well we've all been there, but unfortunately for Sharon Stone's 8-year old adopted son Roan, an attack of nasty foot odour isn't something 'mummy dearest' thinks should be cured via conventional means like fresh socks, foot powder, fungal cream etc. Her Royal Stoneness thinks the problem can be just as easily eradicated via a simple jab of botox to the foot.

Whaaaaat? Yup. Seems the Basic Instinct star has finally looped the whole loop. Sharon's ex-husband Phil Bronstein has been awarded full custody of their 8 year old adopted son Roan, after details of Sharon's' oh so movie star reactions' to her son's medical issues have come to light, including a spinal problem which doesn't actually exist, and the 'foot botox.'

By inflicting her superstar foibles on her 8 year old son, Stone has undoubtedly overstepped (scuse the pun) the mark. It's one thing to pump yourself full of chemicals, another to do it to a child. But the worst thing about the whole thing? The fact that the whole world will now know young Roan Bronstein not only as Sharon Stone's kid, but as Sharon Stone's kid, you know, the one with the smelly feet. Never mind botox, that kind of thing can scar....

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