Barry Manilow Rushed to LA hospital

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On Wednesday American singer-songwriter Barry Manilow was admitted into the hospital following his sold out concert in Memphis, Tennessee. This was said due to “complications from emergency oral surgery” that he had on Monday.

He was in the middle of his appropriately titled final live tour, One Last Time, One Last Tour when this most recent incident occurred. The tour is scheduled to end on June 23 in the 02 arena in the UK. Performances have since been postponed until further notice.

This Los Angeles musician has been known to have different health issues throughout his career. Besides having broken and sprained ankles, he also had to undergo eye and hip surgery and most seriously suffered from a tumor that ruptured in his mouth in 1986. Since then he has received numerous dental treatments.

Unfortunately 72- year old Manilow will most likely not be in attendance for the Grammy’s on Monday. He has been nominated for his latest album, My Dream Duets. If he wins, this will be his 16th Grammy.

This star became a household name in 1975 when his hit song, “Mandy” which was initially titled “Brandy”, reached number one on the charts. This was followed by “Copacabana”, “Can’t Smile Without You”, “Could It Be Magic”, and many more. Besides his ballads, Manilow also worked on many famous jingles such as “I Am Stuck on Band-Aids” and “Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm Is There”. In June of 2002 he was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

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