Baron's Bruno ready to hit the screens

Hands up those of you who think that Bruno is actually Sacha Baron Cohen's best character? Just us? Ok then. Well listen up and listen good; Bruno is great, and if the upcoming film is anywhere near as good as his TV skits or the Borat film it'll be very, very funny indeed.

The hype has already started to be ramped up, with 'Bruno' being arrested in Milan for disrupting a fashion show, interviewing Arnie Schwarzenegger about gay rights and disrupting an anti-gay marriage protest. The plot goes that he has lost his Austrian TV show and has moved to Hollywood to become 'the biggest Austrian celebrity since Hitler'.

Now, there have been preview screenings for us journos, and trust us when we say what we've seen is hilarious, so if you don't know about Bruno, check this clip out from Cohen's TV show. If you don't laugh you're probably dead inside.

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