Barlow-the-belt on Brits talent

Born-again pop warbler Gary Barlow – formerly lead singer of the world’s most famous boy band Take That, now front man of the world’s oldest boy band Take That – thinks the British singles chart stinks. Our Gary fears for this year’s Brit awards, saying that the death of decent pop singles worries him greatly.

Has Gazza not been listening to the radio recently? A look at today’s Top 40 singles chart reveals several hot contenders whose stellar records could easily eclipse last year’s epic winner from Take That, Patience. Shayne Ward’s No U [sic] Hang Up rocks, apparently. James Blunt’s 1973 is a worthy contender – literally. And Phil Collins – still down with the kids at the age of 83 (or so) – is an outside bet with a re-release of his 1933 (or thereabouts) hit, In the Air Tonight.

Can’t wait for next year’s Brits show hosted by Patrick Moore – apparently Vera Lynn, Val Doonican and Prince are all confirmed to play a live mash-up as its show-stopping finale.

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