Barlow's Bingo

We've always held a soft spot for Gary Barlow; even when he was the least popular member of Take That, and went off to attempt a solo career which went horribly wrong, and started eating too many pies. Even then. And now, he's flying high in the celeb world; on tour with Take That, and at the helm of X Factor. But he still finds time for the little people, even going as far as hosting bingo nights for the TT crew.

Gary told The Sun, 'I used to be a bingo caller when I was first starting out. I used to love reading out the numbers. We have bingo nights backstage on the Take That tour to help everyone relax. We call it Barlow's Bingo.'

And not only is Barlow a dab hand at old lady entertainment, he's also pretty talented at giving presents, 'Gary is a generous man and wanted to show his appreciation for all their hard work. It cost him a few bob but it was worth it after seeing the looks on the crew members' faces. He's well into his technology and has said he's on hand to help with any queries about using the device.'

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