Barack Obama calls Kanye West a 'jackass'

Kanye West’s ego has never been in doubt. Whether it’s designing a stage set made entirely of gold, or deciding to butt in on someone winning an award so he can tell her it was completely undeserved, the man’s self-importance knows no bounds.

So it would be nice to think that being called a jackass by the President of the United States of America would maybe make him rethink his attitude, wouldn’t it? Yes that right, Barack Obama called Kanye West a jackass. On tape. Don’t believe it? Well listen to the audio below, and feel the tears of pain streaming down Kanye’s cheeks right now, as the guiding light of liberal America, the new dawn for hope for change (or whatever his slogan was) dismisses him like a piddly little mosquito. That’s gotta hurt.

Maybe it was in return for this outburst at his recent address to congress?

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