Banksy artwork destroyed by Council

Who the frickin’ ‘ell is Banksy? One of life’s great theological questions - well at least in the art world. For the last 10 years the anonymous graffiti artist has been adorning the dull streets of the UK (and world) with inventive satirical art - but not according to Hackney Council.

The philistine officials of Stoke Newington, East London have painted over an original Banksy piece (as featured on the cover of Blur’s 2003 single ‘Crazy Beat’) accusing it of vandalism. The 20ft stencil on the side of a home (showing the Royal Family standing on a balcony at Buckingham Palace) was destroyed, angering residents; “It gave people a lot of joy. People from around the world came to snap it" said local, Sofie Attrill.

Hackney Council did later apologise saying a mix-up with the post was to blame.

Oh well, it was only worth in the region of £200,000 plus......

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