Bam! Literally

If your name's Bam Margera and you're one of (the many) stars of Jackass then getting up to mischief is part of the job description. Well Bam may be about to get a promotion: apparently he chucked his toys out of his pram at a taxi driver and things got ugly, albeit it in a not too terrible Jackass kind of way.

According to trusty celeb website TMZ, Bam was tootling around the Big Apple in a cab when a ruckuss kicked off which saw him clobber the driver and kick the car. Fittingly, the action took place outside a saloon bar called Hogs and Heifers and as with any celebrity arrest there are two very different sides to the story.

Bam claims that the cabbie called the girl he was with a nasty name. She then spat on the cabbie and he pulled her hair at which point Bam dove in for some fisticuffs. But an eyewitness on the ground says he saw Bam attacking the cabbie through a pane of glass causing the driver to call the cops. Whose side are you on? Don't know?

Neither do the NooYork police. Bam explains: ' the cops showed up but couldn't figure out who to arrest so everyone walked.' Ahhh, the forces of justice prevail.....

Jared Followill of the Kings of Leon who had been hanging out with Bam prior to the brawl, couldn't resist taking to Twitter to big up the exciting encounter, tweeting, 'Fun night in the streets with Bam Margera. Everything I expected and more. Bruises all around.'

But will it make the new series of Jackass?

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