Balthazar and Sienna - heading for splitsville

Never take on the behemouth that is a Hollywood wife. Looks like Sienna Miller's crunching on that bitter pill a couple of weeks too late.

Of course the inevitable has happened, Balt's gone slithering back to his wife. Well, not exactly, but he's at least popped home for the weekend to see his kids, and talk things through, leaving Sienna with nothing better to do than head to The Virgin Islands to stay with her dad Ed, and pray that her lover won't be gone for good.

Sources say Rosetta (Balt's humiliated fashion designer wife) is considering taking him back, after realising that ex alcholic Balt had been skipping AA meets, and wasn't 'really himself' when he became infatuated with Sienna on the set of Brothers and Sisters. In Balt's fragile state, one thing led to another and before he knew it he and Sienna were larking around the Amalfi coast topless getting papped left right and centre. A man musn't be blamed for straying in testing times.

And apparently he won't be. "Rest assured Rosetta won't make any rash decisions with regards their marriage" said a source. (The Mirror) As for Balt. "Balthazar is incredibly confused at the moment - torn in fact. As time goes by he realises how deep his love for Rosetta and their children is. Despite reports to the contrary, the door is still wide open for a reconciliation." Sounds like Sienna's lost him already. Ah well!

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