Balloon boy: 'I did it for the show'

Being sprung bare-faced lying is bad enough, but imagine being sprung lying on the national news? Ouch. Balloon Boy himself, little Falcon Heene inadvertently gave the game away when asked if he had heard his parents calling for him while he was hiding in the attic. 'Yeh I heard' he said 'but we did it for the show.'

Dad Richard did his best to keep his composure, but when the anchor asked him to interpret what his son had just said, unfortunately there was no putting a positive spin on it. The Heenes are facing arrest for conspiracy and false reporting and are likely to be feasting on porridge in the not too distant future. The irony is, they'll probably get their own reality show out of it. Remember how Paris Hilton's celebrity really took off when she checked into prison? Every cloud.

Check out the cringeworthy moment all was was revealed below.

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