(B)Adam Ant

Remember Adam Ant? No, of course you don’t; the chances are that you’re not a menopausal housewife or a gone-to-seed ex-New Romantic, so why would you give two flying ones about a man who has only made the briefest of splashes in the papers with his terrifying mental issues, which culminated in him waving a gun around....

However, the man has recently tried to launch a comeback, with a few ‘credible’ pop people like the lovely folks at The Quietus giving him some very sympathetic coverage, no doubt in a nod to their formative pop years. His latest gig was something of a let-down, mind you; he and his band pitched up in a church hall and basically spent their time messing about in front of 200 or so fans, swearing and playing songs like ‘Sympathy For The Devil’. ‘He swore a lot and just stood messing with his guitar,’ said one fan. ‘I was disappointed.’

‘I'm a punk rocker. I don't do Christian. You can f*** off to the church,’ shouted Ant to the unwitting believers, before telling the Sun; ‘The show was s***. I wasn't told it was in a church hall.’

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