Bad Day

We’re not quite sure why we even reporting this, but there’s something almost macabre about the idea of Darren Day – who despite now looking podgy and past it, is still sporting the same mid-90s floppy-haired ‘do as he did when he was at the peak of his pulling powers – signing up for Hollyoaks. How in earth can he expect to not look awful compared to all those hot twenty-somethings, all of them reminders of a past long since gone?

Typically, the man is going to play a charming rogue called Danny Houston, who beds a woman who can’t resists his money and power - well, whatever money and power you can get from owning a rubbish nightclub in Chester. It’s gonna be a real stretch, that’s for sure.

‘Danny is the type of character any actor would kill to play,’ said Day. ‘I've been a fan of the show for some time and this is a very exciting time with the show's recent reinvention. I'm delighted to join the cast.’

‘Danny Houston is a dangerous, but very charming character who makes an aggressive impact in his first episodes,’ said Hollyoaks producer Paul Marquess. ‘Darren plays the part brilliantly and I'm delighted that we're able to bring him back later this year.’

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