Back to the playground

The Girls Aloud playground battle rumbles on, with missiles flying this way and that. First, Cheryl failed to invite Nadine to witness her performance on Saturday's XFactor. Though perhaps Cheryl had run out of credit, and could only send the message to three out of four GA members? After that potential snub, Nadine reacted in a mature manner. Well, for about three minutes, anyway.

Nadine told The Mirror, 'I didn’t know it was happening... I didn’t even know about it. But it’s fine, really it is. I really want to see them this week! Fingers crossed, I’m hoping we can. I guess it’s long overdue.'

Though in a dig at Cheryl's miming antics on Saturday's XFactor, Nadine said pointedly, 'I only want to do live shows. What happens with TV shows is you can't always do things live. They have a lot of dummy stuff sat there and you can't really get the full effect.'

We're not exactly sure what 'dummy stuff' refers to, but 'ouch' all the same...

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