Back to casa Tweedy

So, we've all marvelled at the pictures of Cheryl walking, smiling and holding a cup of coffee. But what next? We'll tell you what - phase two of the Tweedy recovery is about to commence, which according to a suspiciously chatty friend, will involve pints of Newcastle Brown, and her mum's home cooking.

Cheryl's friend, plucked straight from Geordie central casting, told The Mirror, 'When Cheryl arrives the plan is to give her some good old fashioned home cooking. Her mum is brilliant in the kitchen. She cooks real wholesome dishes which Cheryl loves. They are even stocking up on Newcastle Brown Ale. The Geordies swear it has medicinal properties. She doesn’t intend to go out much on the town, just visit a few friends' houses and catch up on all the gossip. It is quite rare for her to get a chance to go back to her roots, so Cheryl’s going to make the most of it.'

Ah, to be a nosey fly on the wall chez Tweedy... But hang on, why is she going to LA?

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