Back to blonde

Katie Price has decided to dramatically ditch her 'intellectual, thoughtful' persona, and return to blonde brassy bombshell. The D-lister was pictured at Amir Khan's fight in Las Vegas with tresses that would put a Playboy bunny to shame. Katie had ditched her cagefighting hubby, Alex Reid for a night out on the tiles.

According to The Daily Mail, 'I had been dark for a good couple of years so it was time for a change...blondes do have more fun'. Apparently, Katie was also keen on being papped with Amir Khan, 'She was cackling about how the last time she was pictured with Amir it got her into trouble - but she just said 'bring it on'.'

Hmmm, if your idea of excitement if being photographed with a minor celeb who isn't your husband, there might be some problems afoot...

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