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The size of Amy's boobs is making her looking a tad unsteady on her feet but that's not the reason she's so wobbly at the moment. On the contrary, she's punch drunk in love with her Blakey again. Amy and her ex hubby turned ex con turned current boyfriend teamed up for a spot of low-key hellraising at the weekend to celebrate Blake's 27th birthday. So lowkey was the outing that they skipped Camden and headed straight for a jazz night in Soho. That's right - no late night scrapping or headbutting people with her beehive, rather a loved up appreciation of the oft confusing, intellectual form. Is Amy becoming - gulp - mature?

A jazz club source (or is it a kindly granny) said of Amy and Blake: 'Amy was asking us to call her Mrs Fielder-Civil. They were very romantic together all night. They are in love completely. She's very sweet and Blake's very nice and cares for her very much.'

Amy has splashed out on a £2.5 mill Camden pad and told her Facebook followers: 'The king and queen of Camden are coming home.'

Camden, are you ready?

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