Back To Blake

In the past a story involving Amy Winehouse’s relationship with on-off lover Blake Fielder-Civil would be full of thrills and spills, disapproving family members and drugs slowly weeping out of wounds their ugly addictions caused. In short, it was great for the vultures in the press to have her around as she was a one-woman tabloid headline generator. Now? Nothing more interesting than them remarrying and being happy and drug-free. Where’s the story in that?

The pair will, according to The Sun, be getting married again very soon, this time in a shotgun ceremony in Vegas, as soon as Amy's US visa application is approved. Apparently Mitch isn’t a big fan of this, but then, they’ve both cleaned up their act, right?

‘They will definitely be getting married and have agreed on Vegas,’ said a source. ‘Amy doesn't want a traditional ceremony and wants it to be similar to their first wedding. She chose not to marry in Miami again because she thinks it could be a bad omen. She can't stop talking to people about their future together.

‘Amy and Blake have cleaned up their act and want a fresh start. She picked the new pad because it is big enough to be a family home.’

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