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There has been much chat in the press about the new rehabilitated Amy Winehouse, who has come off the hard drugs and only drinks the finest mineral water from some Italian mountain or wherever.

However, her new clean-living lifestyle is sure to be challenged now that her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil has crept back into her life – and into her bed. Her enraged dad Mitch is certainly not very happy about it at all, and according to The Sun went round to her house and chucked him out after finding them together.

‘Mitch hates the fact he's reappeared - it's making him ill,’ said a source. ‘It'll force him into an early grave. Blake begged Mitch not to hit him when he chucked him out. Mitch was absolutely furious, he still is.

‘He thinks it's the worst scenario for Amy. Just when she's starting to sort herself out, the man responsible for dragging her into the gutter is crawling back into her life. Mitch is praying history doesn't repeat itself.

‘He is dreading the day he finds his daughter is back on hard drugs because of him. He's worried sick.’ Interesting how none of the blame ever gets apportioned to her, isn’t it?

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