Back to behind your back

Try as hard as she might, Amy Winehouse just can’t get herself a decent fella, can she? As soon as her old boyfriend cleaned up his act, he was out the door, and now she’s apparently shacked up with director Reg Traviss, who seems to be just as incapable of telling the truth about where he puts his plonker as the last one. Yes, Amy likes the bad boys...

Anyway, The Sun has revealed that Traviss has been seeing another girl – a burlesque dancer called Raven Isis Holt – for two years, and she is convinced that she, not Amy, is Reg’s girlfriend.

‘Amy can't steal my man.’ Raven said to one of her friends, according to the tabloid. ‘He's told me they are just friends and I believe him. There's no way he'd leave me for Amy.’

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