Back on the Wadio

From some quarters Jonathan Ross gets an unfair battering. The truth is, he’s one of the best (if not best) presenters there is on these Isles and bitter people just like to have a pop at justified success. His Saturday morning Radio 2 show was essential listening but thanks to blah blah blah we know what to, that sadly came to an end.

The latest title tattle on the rumour mill is that he’s about to make a BIG, sorry MASSIVE, radio comeback. According to various interweb sources Wossy has been approached by Heart Radio and Absolute Radio to host a brand new wireless show, both for the prime Saturday AM slot. The News Of The World sourced said; ‘Jonathan made a very big deal about leaving the BBC as positively as possible. But he thinks commercial radio will be the best place for him. It gives him freedom and he'll be able to make the sort of money Radio 2 would never have been able to pay him in this climate.’

Whether their source is reliable or not, it’s a sure fire bet he’ll be back on wadio sooner rather later. Our money is on Absolute Radio. In other JR news, his new Saturday chat show starts on ITV1 in the Autumn.

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