Back on the bandwagon: Boyzone reunite

Boyzone recently announced they are reforming to embark on a UK tour next year. The band made the decision after rehearsals for their Children In Need charity performance were so much fun; and the band really missed being together. Aaaw! (So nothing to do with the money then?)

None of the members has achieved very much success outside of the band and have obviously been inspired by the lucrative Take That and Spice Girl reunions.

‘We've been talking about getting back together for some time now. I can't wait to be back on the road and all the guys feel the same,’ says lead singer and most successful member Ronan Keating. He added: ‘Our live shows were always great fun but this time it will definitely be the best night out ever.’ The best night ever? That’s quite a claim.

Can you think of a night out that might be a tiny bit better? Couple of cans of tango and a bag of chips down the precinct?

(Image: from fooishbar’s flickr stream)

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