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It’s been over 7 years since Steve Coogan’s defining caricature Alan Partridge was on telly. Well after years of rumours it's finally time to remove the moth balls from the Pringle jumpers and celebrate: Alan is making his movie debut. Breaking the exciting news to Empire magazine, Coogan says a long-mooted Alan Partridge Movie is expected to start filming at the end of next year. JURASSIC PARK!

‘We're doing it in the States, but I'm not going to try and Americanise it,’ said Coogan in the interview. ‘I wouldn’t try to do the same observational stuff here that I do in Britain. I’m not going to come over here and go 'right, now I’m going to try and invent five different characters who are all American', because I’m not steeped in American culture. It wouldn’t work. I’m so ingrained in British culture that for me to observe the minutiae of being British in all its different ways is very easy. I couldn’t claim to do that here, and if I did they’d end up being caricatures. It’ll be a British fool/idiot character in a movie that should appeal to everybody.'

A Partridge movie first reared its cheesy head in 2005, with the plot based around an Al-Qaeda attack on London which saw Alan guiding the city to safety (or not) on a real time radio show. Sadly plans were shelved after a real life terrorist siege in London.

But who cares now, because the movie is now on its way. Yes Coogan has admitted it hasn't yet been written, but yes he's got more catchphrases than a Roy Walker gameshow up his sleeve. We're not worried one bit. A-HAAAAAA!!!

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