Back in your cage Reid

Alex Reid and Jordanare due to announce their engagement tomorrow, but don’t tell Alex Reid’s mum, as thanks to her future daughter-in-law, he can’t tell her until it’s been announced in a magazine. According to The Sun, the controlling glamour model, who appears to be as popular with the public as a nasty case of Athlete’s Foot right now, has set out all kinds of rules about what poor Alex can or cannot do.

Reid, who let’s remember is a cage fighter and pretty hard, is banned from revealing anything about his fiancé, their sex-life, her kids or Peter Andre, with an unspecified punishment hanging over his head if he does. Maybe another public dumping?

‘It's Jordan's way or the highway,’ said some source. ‘They're engaged but Alex can't even tell his family because she wants to make money and sell it to a magazine. But he doesn't want to upset her, the last time she publicly dumped him on TV.

‘He's just won back a bit of self-respect. To lose it now would be awful. The ridiculous thing is, Alex can't see he'd be better off without her. He didn't talk about her once on Big Brother and won. Look how she did on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! The public disliked her so much they made her do nearly every trial.’

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