Back in business

Cheryl Cole has lobbed the ultimate custard pie in Simon Cowell's face by starring in a film in which she plays a talent show judge. Ok, not quite starring; she has a blink and you'd miss it cameo in 'What to Expect When You're Expecting, but in that cameo she gets to judge the singing talents of one Cameron Diaz. That's Hollywood royalty to you Simon...

The Geordie darling has been playing hard to get ever since Simon pressed the eject button on her US X Factor chair after a mere two episodes. Indeed, the seat was still warm when Nicole Scherzinger replaced her.

While rumours are now rife that Simon wants Cheryl back on the UK X Factor desk to replace Kelly Rowland, who, along with Louis, Tulisa and everyman Gary Barlow, apparently, 'haven't been bold enough,' Cheryl is staying tight lipped. Either it's a publicity coup, or she geniunely doesn't want in.

Given that a job on any Cowell-owned talent show is a poisoned chalice, she'd do well to steer clear - especially when Hollywood beckons. Go Cheryl!

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