Back back baby

Remember Vanilla Ice? Of course you do. He was the one with that corking pop track ‘Ice Ice Baby’ way back in the day; you know the one, right? Don’t tell us you’ve never heard of it, or we will be forced to declare our lives over and take the cyanide pills before our beautiful young features degrade into a craggy, wrinkly mess. Oh the humanity!

Um, yes. Back to Vanilla, who has apparently ditched rapping (insert *was he ever a rapper* type gag here) and got himself a spot on TV called The Vanilla Ice Project, where he renovates a house. Because what we need is more DIY/property shows on telly, right?

‘I think the process of transforming something from grime to shine influences me,’ said Ice, or whatever he’s calling himself these days. ‘This house was in need of a major upgrade and my proudest moment will be when this house is revealed.’ Yeah, cheers for that.

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