Baby Spice

Fans of improbably skinny women who’ve had three children: Victoria Beckham is apparently due to strip off for Vogue, to become the latest in a very long line of women to pose with their bump out.

According to gossip rag Star magazine, Posh Spice is talking to the world-famous magazine’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour about the shoot, which would most likely sell a boat load of copies, and find it’s way into every single tabloid newspaper on the planet.

‘It's not a very Vogue thing to do, but the team can make it work and make it 'fashion',’ said a source to the mag. ‘Anna's apparently really keen on it. Everyone's expecting it to fly off the shelves. Victoria's a huge style icon.

‘Although nothing's been officially signed yet, Victoria would want to be sure she's the sexiest pregnant woman to ever grace a magazine cover. It will be a huge boost to her career from a fashion point of view.’

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