Baby Gaga

If you thought there was, and could only ever be one Lady Gaga, then think again. Thanks to some humorous nutcase there are now two: one is The Poker Face singer, the other is his new born baby.

Perhaps the worst thing about the amusing story, is that the father of baby Lady Gaga named her behind his partner's back, and yes you’ve guessed it...she wasn't best pleased. Melanie Robinson told The Chronicle Live: ‘I can't believe he actually went ahead and did it. Ian thought it was a really good idea but I told him no way. It's still strange to look at the birth certificate now. Everybody keeps asking to have a look at it because they don't believe he went and did it. I'm still in shock now.’

The dad of three added: ‘When I asked the children what we should call the new baby, Maddy said we should call her Lady GaGa. I just thought it was a great name and I'm sure the bairn will find it funny when she's older.’

12 day old Meggie Maisie Lady GaGa and father are doing well. We're not sure the same can be said about the mother....

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