Baby for Beyonce?

With Beyonce's impeccable genetic pool, chances are that any baby she popped out would be ridiculously, excessively beautiful - and if rumours are to be believed, the Bootylicious one is considering becoming a pop-star mum. In an interview with that irritating specimen Piers Morgan, Beyonce dropped a few hints.

The singer told Piers Morgan, about her desire to get up the duff, saying, 'I always said I was going to have a baby at 30. I'm 29 now. But I also said I was going to retire at 30. So I don't know. I am not retiring, I tell you...only God knows, only God knows.' Hmmm, mysterious. Piers responded with, 'Can you ask him?' Beyonce replied saying, 'I will, I will have a conversation with him... but you can't tell anybody else.'

Watch the interview below:

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