Baby Belle

After days of drama following a dash into hospital on Monday, Holly Willoughby finally gave birth to baby Belle, perhaps inspired by Disney's 'Beauty and Beast', or by the well-known plastic cheese. Holly had thought she was in labour on Monday, but then discovered she, er, wasn't, so had to spend the next two days sitting around waiting for the baby to pop out (okay, so perhaps it wasn't quite like this).

Holly tweeted to her followers, 'Thank you for all your support these last few days. Belle Baldwin finally arrived at 5:10pm today weighing 5lbs 2oz. She's amazing. X'

Celebrity mums then weighed in with comments. Myleene Klass tweeted, 'Huge Congrats huney and welcome to the world little Belle. I bet she's beautiful...love Myleene, Gray, Ava and Hero. X' While Z-lister Donna Air, of Byker Grove fame wrote, 'Congratulations to @hollywills on the birth of baby Belle. I bet she is gorgeous like her mummy Xx'

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