Baby Beckham #4: Harper Seven

From the moment the Beckhams announced that their baby girl, born on Sunday morning in L.A, was to be called Harper Seven there has been a media frenzy of speculation about the meaning and origin behind the name.

Blog comments and tweets haven’t held back, and the chosen name for the poor newborn has already been compared to household toilet cleaner, a bad 70’s detective series and a twee 90’s indie band. But there must be method in the Beckham’s madness; Brooklyn was apparently named after the place of his conception, their third born Cruz (Spanish for ‘cross’) represents their Madrid period, so what could be the story behind their first girl’s name?

Since the number seven graced the back of Daddy Beckham’s shirt when he played for England it seems pretty obvious where the origins of her middle name come from. But what about the Harper?

Whilst it’s entirely possible that the Beckhams are avid fans of Harper Lee and were inspired by Demi and Bruce Willis’s decision to call their daughter Scout after To Kill a Mockingbird’s main protagonist, it is perhaps more of a nod to august publication Harper’s Bazaar. After all, Mummy Beckham has appeared on the front cover on more than a couple of occasions. Whatever the origins and whatever snarky remarks people may make, Harper is doubtless going to be shooting to the top of the baby name charts in the next few months.

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