B for blubbing

Plan B won big at the Ivor Novello awards yesterday, but he didn't use his speech as an opportunity to show off, oh no, instead he gave a very socially responsible talk about his humble life pre-fame which left the audience blubbing.

According to The Sun, Plan B said 'I was dismissed and underrated for a long time. But I was a singer and songwriter before I started rapping. I didn't used to know anything about love - when I was younger I saw friends fall victim to heroin and getting stabbed.' Cue a roomful of celebs in tears...

He continued, amidst the waterworks, 'When making the record, I was looking for a vocalist to sing my songs and I couldn't find anyone. I thought, 'I'm gonna have to do it and take a risk.' I proved to myself I can do it and this award proves it to the world. I'm gonna promise you I'm never gonna put out something I don't like, even if the label put pressure on me.'

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