Axe for Adrian?

Having weathered the storm of the first few weeks at Daybreak, we had assumed that Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley had settled into their new jobs. Recent interviews with the pair suggested that things were looking up on the ITV breakfast show. But news reaches us that following poor viewing stats and negative focus group research, one of the pair could be axed - and that axe is very much hanging over the head of Chiles.

TV insiders told The Mirror, 'A number of big changes are being considered now because the ratings are simply not good enough. Bosses were very patient about the low audience figures, hoping they would slowly improve over time. But research is suggesting that Daybreak is now damaging the station’s entire daytime schedule. That simply won’t be tolerated.'

According to focus groups, Chiles is seen as 'grumpy' while poor Bleakley has been written off as 'a giggling airhead'.

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