Awkward silences all round...

There was a time - it seems like a milennia ago - when Kate n' Pete were the Bonnie and Clyde of alternative pop. They slouched about London and various summer festivals looking like a couple of luxe hobos, in a daze of Strongbow and cherry Lambrini (or perhaps something stronger). These days though, it seems that the ardour has cooled; the pair recently met on a flight to Ibiza, and studiously ignored each other - concentrating on the fascinating in-flight mag, no doubt.

Our spy in seat 51E said, 'Lila was excited because she hadn't seen Pete for ages. She was calling her mum over but Kate and Pete stayed in their seats and just acknowledged each other. They both looked extremely uncomfortable and spent the whole flight trying not to catch each other's eyes. When the flight landed Kate was ushered off and they did not speak.'

To be fair to Pete Doherty though, he's not at his most articulate at the moment.

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