'Ave it! Kerry chucks tea at accountant

It never drizzles but it throws it down for Kerry Katona. The former Atomic Kitten was arrested yesterday for allegedly assaulting her accountant - convicted fraudster turned professional financial advisor David McHugh. Kerry and McHugh had allegedly been going through her ailing finances when Katona allegedly spat her dummy, chucking a cup of tea over McHugh before punching him in the face. That's allegedly.

A Sun source said: "She had been through her accounts and was raging. She went to his office to speak to him and was screaming and kicking off. Then she punched him in the face. David started yelling back so she grabbed a cup of tea and threw it in his face - and punched him in the chops again for good measure." McHugh called the cops and Kerry was taken in for questioning yesterday afternoon before being released on bail at 10pm the same evening pending further inquiries.

To say things aren't looking terribly good for the ex Atomic Kitten would be an understatement. Actually, it would be a downright lie. Following pics of the reality star getting stuck into a line of cocaine at her family home, not only has she has been dropped as the face of Iceland, she has also incurred the wrath of ex hubby Brian McFadden who is said to be fighting for custody of the couple's two daughters who were in the house at the time. Add to the mix the fact that wayward hubby Mark Croft was accused of rumpy pumpy with a stripper in Majorca recently and that ratings are nosediving for Kerry's latest MTV show and you've got yourself a real life Eastenders two parter. Time for Kerry to get some professional help? Yes please.

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