Au Revoir Wogan

It was somewhat ironic that as the UK woke to a flurry of snow and a drop in temperature, that the man who oozes charm and epitomises warmth, Sir Terry Wogan, was the voice of the a.m. for the final time this morning. After 27 momentous years presenting the UK’s biggest breakfast show, life - or at least mornings - won't be the same for any of us again.

As expected it was an emotional farewell for Sir Terry on his last Radio 2 ‘Wake Up To Wogan’ show, who told his 7m+ listeners it’s ‘not only been a pleasure, but a privilege’.

He added: ‘when you tell me how important I've been in your lives, it's fairly moving. You've been every bit as important in mine," he said. "If anybody embodies the generous, warm spirit of this country it's you, my listeners.’

‘As you move on from Wake Up To Wogan, I wanted to let you know how very dearly you'll be missed and how delighted we all are you'll be returning with another venture before too long,’ were his final words before he span his final tune ‘The Party’s Over’ by Anthony Newley.

There was even a message from Gordon Brown on the show for the much loved broadcasting giant: ‘five decades at the very top of British broadcasting is a towering, indeed an unparalleled, achievement,’ said our PM.

It’s not the end though for the 71 year old disc jockey; he starts a new Sunday Radio2 show in February. Chris Evans takes over breakfast duties on January 11th.

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