'At least i've still got my own teeth'

Meanies Louis and Simon took the opportunity to gang up on Cheryl Tweedy yesterday, humiliating the poor lass about her singing, and bizarrely, her lovely china teeth. The slights for this love (ahem), came thick and fast.

The taunts started after an auditionee mangled 'Fight for this Love', and Louis turned to Cheryl saying,'That was about as good as you can do it live', while class bully Cowell laughed. A pal of Tweedy said, 'Their nasty comments really hit a nerve with her. She's never been fully confident about her singing ability, especially since launching her solo career and not having the other girls on stage. To be humiliated in front of thousands of people by Simon and Louis was really a step too far.'

The bickering got personal, when Cheryl retaliated by bringing attention to Louis's yellow teeth. Louis, ever the bigger man, shot back with, 'At least I've got my own teeth still.'

Louis Walsh, let's remember, is 57 years old...

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