Aston Merrygold gets his 5-a-day. JeaLouS?

They may not have won the thinly disguised karaoke contest known as The X-Factor but 2009 was all about r’n’b barber street quarter JLS and their rise pop culture prominence.

Lifting the lid on their rapid success the boys told Bang Showbiz that with great pop power comes great responsibility, in the form of desperate groupies.

‘If I had to say which one of us gets the most action, I'd go with Aston - he definitely gets the most attention from our fans,’ said one of the others.

With Aston adding; ‘You know it! I'd say I get offered sex at least five times a day. When I meet my mates for a drink, they all go on about how wicked it must be to have girls throwing themselves at us. And yeah, they do.’

‘You can't do the one-nighters or the glamour girls because it will just end up in the newspapers the next day. That's the catch-22. Yeah, we have a lot of attention, but you can't go near 99% of them.’

Well, good to see someone’s getting their recommended 5-a-day.

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