Assange dating film in production

As if Wikileaks founder Julian Assange hadn’t got enough problems, now there are plans to make a film about his dating exploits. Assange is currently fighting extradition to Sweden to face sexual assault charges. Now documentary-maker Cyril Tuschi is planning a film based on three fictional dates with Assange, entitled Leaks – Three Dates With Harry Harrison.

Tuschi’s coproducer Jan Kruger explained the idea behind the film to Screen International. "Cyril came up with the fact that Assange had been involved in internet dating using the screen name of Harry Harrison. So, the film recounts three dates with Harry Harrison taking place in 2010. One date is in Iceland when he was establishing a organisation that would change journalism, democracy and the internet."

So far so good, but then Assange’s celebrity status and political interventions start to get complicated. "We jump to the second date with a fan in Sweden where he is the man of the moment and feted like a popstar.

"Finally, there is an internet date in a manor house in London, with 'Harrison' all by himself wearing an electronic tag. The film will chart the rise and fall of someone who pits themselves against authority, a Robin Hood of the digital age who stumbles over his own personality."

The film will be made in Germany, where the producers have found a suitable stand-in for Assange’s Norfolk bolthole, Ellingham Hall. For anybody other than Assange, it would seem like a gross invasion of privacy, but the Wikileaks whistleblower might find it difficult to pursue that line.

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