Ashton Kutcher to play Steve Jobs in biopic

Ashton Kutcher has been lined up to play Apple boffin Steve Jobs in a new biopic, or should that be iBiopic?

The hirsute actor will play the bald media visionary from his early days as an erratic hippy with a keen understanding of how to make a lot of money from electronics, all the way to his leadership of one of tye world's richest companies, when Jobs looked rather more like Bruce Willis than Kutcher.

The film will be called Jobs, written by Matt Whitely and directed by Joshua Michael Stern. Shooting starts in May, and represents an opportunity for Kutcher to revive his big-screen career.

British audiences would have last seen him in the execrable New Year's Eve, a film that had critics reaching for their stockpiles of derision. His movie prospects are bleak enough for Kutcher to be earning a living as Charlie Sheen's replacement in the embarrassing sitcom Two And A Half Men.

The success of Jobs may depend on how quickly they can make the film. There is another biopic in the works, produced by Sony Pictures. The rival film is based on Walter Isaacson's biography, which adopted a very reverential attitude to its subject, while inadvertantly highlighting his plentiful character flaws.

The Kutcher version should reach the multiplexes first, which should leave audiences somewhat unreceptrive to another Jobs film. The Apple boss died last year from pancreatic cancer, leaving Apple as the most powerful manufacturer in the computer industry.

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