Ashton Kutcher: life love, bedding ladies and the universe

Huge revelation. Ashton Kutcher bedded loads of ladies before him and Demi got shackled - and had no intention of ever settling down till Moore caught his eye 5 years ago.

In an interview with The Sun, Kutcher says he thinks “girls are raised socially to find that special someone and get married" - but that men are much less dull creatures and prefer to get as much action for as long as possible.

Social conditioning raises guys to get laid. I think I was very much like this myself. I had no desire to be in a relationship whatsoever. I had sworn myself off relationships before I met Demi" (The Sun)

Kutcher also waxed lyrical about the key to keeping his feet on the ground for so long - good hard blue collar graft. Ashton reminisced about past toil, as a butcher, a dishwater and a grocery boy - all of which taught him the value of money - and how to properly appreciate it now he's got loads.

A norm he's keen to past on to his step daughters. Kushton has already found Rumer Willis work on a construction site run by his father, and is keen to farm young Tallulah into paid employment as soon as she comes of age.

As for kids of his own - Ashton could be jumping on the celebrity adoption juggernaut any day soon. "I have thought about adopting a kid my whole life...I would be open to the idea" (The Sun). Although whether Demi is is another story - she spent the best part of the Eighties up to her neck in baby poo!

Best to make do with 'adopted ex hubby' and NBFF Bruce Willis for now. Ashton claims the best example he could possibly give his stepdaughters would be "just being wonderful to my wife and wonderful to Bruce."

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