Ashton and Demi - The end

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Christmas. The silly season for non news and recycled gossip because everyone is on holiday – especially the PR people who feed the tabloid drivel mill. No-one is making any moves, releasing any albums, premiering any films, and scandals are pretty thin on the ground (unless someone turns up dressed as Jimmy Savile to be Santa).

So what with the dearth of actual news, showbiz columns are working up new angles on old stories. Here goes this one.

Remember hearing about Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore splitting up? Ages ago? It was all pretty inevitable really as Ashton came into his own as an actor and became a man rather than a boy. Meanwhile, Demi’s increasingly desperate attempts to be young and fresh were up there with Madonna. Age is a beautiful thing when carried off in style. Being in denial of it – not so much.

So anyway – he’s been playing various fields and is now in a relationship with the stunning Mila Kunis (who apart from being gorgeous – also voices Meg Griffin on Family Guy). According to various sources – he held off filing for divorce in order to let Demi do it first and ‘allow her to keep some dignity’. Fair enough – being her toyboy was a double edged sword as credibility was always going to be an uphill battle – but at least she could open some doors for him.

Now he’s filed the paperwork though, citing irreconcilable differences and making no reference to assets. One might say he’s handled it like a gentleman.

Alas Demi hasn’t moved on so gracefully. Rehab for an alleged eating disorder and substance abuse in February was followed by a breakup with lover Vito Schnabel, 26, earlier this month. Since then, she has been stumbling around the party circuit in LA threatening to pick up an even younger model while her 3 daughters despair of her. She was recently snapped in this excruciating picture with Lenny Kravitz that kinda says it all. Her giving it her best shot while he stares anywhere but at her

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